Deborah & Jonathon

Deborah & Jonathon Rigsby were married in February at the Leon County Court House. This was a really cool wedding for me to shoot, because it was something so different than what I normally do. The day could not have been any better, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and the weather was perfect.

They wrote their own vows, but had a hard time getting thru them at home when they practiced, because of the tears. This day was really about them and they were able to focus solely on each other. Since both of their families are not from the area, they decided to throw two wedding parties in each of their home states,  that way they can celebrate with everyone. Deborah looked beautiful in a royal blue dress and Jonathon wore a purple tie. The colors looked great together. I noticed that they had a really unique theme going- elephants. Deborah wore an elephant pin in her hair and Jonathon wore one in his boutonniere. When I asked them why they said it was because elephants mate for life. After the ceremony we walked all around the Chin of Parks and downtown Tallahassee, taking pictures. They were so open to anything, even laying in the grass, we all had a lot of fun! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Rigsby!!