I was in Jacksonville Beach last week for a seminar with Kristal & Matt Radlinski of k-gallery. They are two fantastic photographers and so knowledgeable about all aspects about this business. So, here is the story, and I’m sticking to it…. our last night we were to have a model to go around downtown J’ville with us and K&M were going to teach us night lighting as well as painting with light. So, the model cancelled and I jokingly volunteered. Who does not love to dress up, right?
So, Kristal fixed me up and we hit the town. I have never had a professional photograph taken, no never. Sounds crazy, huh? I have to say it was quite an experience having several photographers having me pose and do different things all around downtown. I felt like a celebrity. Everyone made me feel so at ease, I really had a blast! This is an image that Kristal took of me. Everyone I have shown is just blown away! THANK YOU KRISTAL & MATT!