Emily and Tim are engaged!

When Emily’s mom emailed me that there would be “another Bist wedding” I was beyond excited. Emily’s sister Danielle married Matt Dunagan last year and that is when I really got to know her family. They are a whole lot of fun, kind and very sweet.

The moment I saw Emily and Tim dancing together and laughing at that wedding, I knew they were a great couple. So, sure enough- it is another Bist wedding and I could not be happier.

Emily & Tim met me at St. Teresa Beach for their engagement session on a gorgeous spring day. Their love, chemistry and fun shine through in their images. Congrats y’all. I am so looking forward to December!

From the minute these images were posted on the Kay Meyer Photography Facebook Page, comments have been so wonderful! A few of my favorites…

Barbara Bist: The blog is so sweet and Emily & Tim had no trouble at all being themselves with you and your camera! Amazing photography capturing the beautiful water and sky and happy couple.

Emily Bist: Thank you Kay! We had so much fun with you!!!! We love every photo

Jessica Cook Austin: These pictures are amazing! Quite possibly the cutest couple ever!  Congrats on the engagement!