Congrats Michelle and Brandon!

My latest wedding was with a great couple, a truly great couple. I had the privilege of photographing their engagement session and loved both of them from the start. I was so looking forward to this day, and for good reason it was fantastic! The ceremony was at the beautiful downtown First Baptist Church followed by a gorgeous reception at Florida State University Alumni Center. The reception was designed and coordinated by Wanda Bradford. It was a stunning day! Isn’t she just gorgeous?A funny thing happened while waiting for the ceremony to start. The bride and her bridesmaids played a hilarious game of Win Loose or Draw on the whiteboard. I had such a good time. Congratulations newlyweds!
I was honored to photograph your wedding. I wish you the best!
The entire wedding will be online by Friday August 8th, go to and the event name is Ford-Bergschneider. Enjoy!