Blessings out, blessings in

This is the post asking for help I saw on Facebook a few days ago and I felt lead to go to Blountstown to do what I can.

Tom Derzypolski October 14 at 1:53 PMBLOUNTSTOWN: volunteers needed now and throughout the week at the donation center 16119 HW 71 South. Accepting donations and giving them to the authorized groups is al that we need you to do. No training required 😉 *but we do need you. Same request for people in the surrounding areas and Tallahassee.

So, I loaded up my Ford Fusion with cases of water, gas cans and extension cords ready to get to work. Wasn’t sure what to expect, honestly. What I saw was total devastation and it shook me.

The Abe Springs Pentecostal Holiness Church by far left the biggest impact in my life. I prayed with a Pentecostal minister. It made me cry. Gotta say, helping sort and distribute items at center that the Derzypolski’s set up was great. But, helping deliver some needed items to this church was something I’ll never forget. The woman pulled up in a sedan and needed a bunch of items. A few volunteers and I loaded a truck and brought lots and lots to them.
The devastation is beyond words. The congregation was washing clothes out front and hanging them. One large room inside was where they all slept as many of their homes were destroyed. Throughout the day workers and residents stop by to visit and get some supplies. As the preacher man said blessings in, blessings out.


I came home to the front porch I so carefully decorated for fall, still wearing the orange tape volunteers were asked to wear feeling beyond blessed and thankful.

How can you help? If you are on Facebook, I am sure you have seen links to those gathering supplies, drop off locations etc. Here are a few that I found and know the people behind them